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Each of the following quotes represents Evans cockiness in himself. He thinks that he is at the top of the world and loads better than anyone else. This could possibly be just an act seeming how Evan gets anything but praise from the people surrounding him in his life. For example, his father yells at him nonstop about how reckless and how much of a trouble maker he is, so this over exaggerated feeling of self-importance could just be a way for him to balance out all of the harsh comments he hears on a daily basis.
"Still, I had to go home. You always have to go home eventually. Sad, but true."- Evan
"I was a poor kid trapped in the surroundings of great wealth and opulence."- Evan
"...With a few MTV stylists he might even have been able to look as good as someone like, say, me."- Evan
"a tortured young child of a stingy brute of a dad."- Evan
"not to amuse you with my penetrating wit and insight."- Evan
"I look like a movie star."- Evan
"But is was true. I was very, very handsome in my suit."- Evan
"I'm dropping out of high school to become a movie star. Just look at me."- Evan
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Here is another interesting quote of Evan's where he does the exact opposite as previously. Here Evan shows his wisdom and insight and gives it to the reader. Though the wisdom has to do with stealing and his theft business, it still shows that Evan takes the time to think through his actions and what will happen based on what he chooses to do. It almost seems like he is the expert at something for once and is the one teaching, when usually he is the one attempting to understand.
"A skilled thief always has to know when enough is enough. Getting too greedy is always the quickest way to get busted."- Evan