Evan and Ruben's theft business Father wouldn’t give Evan cash so……..he created an illegal operation for money. -worked in dad company as office slave-marketing and sales department (convinced doctors and patients to buy their stuff)- minimum wage- photocopied, stapled, file, phone -workers stayed away from him so they weren’t ratted on even though never happened and dad wouldn’t listen - no one keeping an eye on the goings on -took equipment (printers, computers, high-end digital projector, dc burners, laptops, etc.) and sold them online -MRI couldn’t keep track of all the new equipment so it was fairly easy -stole cigars, wine, etc from Richmond, sold at a liquor/smoke store in town (Albert’s Indulgence) -after stealing equipment he used it to see what it had -Ruben could get through any security system -erased hard drive when ready to sell (deep erase) Belachek's laptop is MISSING! The boys found out that they had his laptop from their crime business, but this proved to be more of a pain, then an aid.

Evan had left electronic fingerprints
-checked email
-played online games
-downloaded songs

In doing this they were hoping to find
  • Documents that he may have been working on that relate to the case
  • E-mails

They spent many hours cracking the security systems and sifting through the immense amount of files on the computer. Evan had erased the hot-mail address permanently when he used his therefore they were unable to retrieve it leaving Ruben anything but happy. They found out that someone else had broken into the computer before them.
Someone had been spying on Belachek and inserted a stroke recorder which records everything a person types on the keyboard at a given time. It shows passwords not just ***.
They then used the passwords to get in his email and found out that Belachek changes his email few weeks and the last time the stroke recorder was checked was 2 weeks ago.

They found 3 messages from a man named LUBCHENKO

  • Virus located. Ring out of Paris. Selling smallpox. Definitely from MRI.
  • Colburn is in on it. Very dangerous. Knows you know. Be very careful.
  • You may be right about Richmond. May be in as well. But no confirmation.
  • Come to Paris. February 20. Noon. Café Saint Beauvais. A friendly place. I have proof about Colburn. Will give to you. Be careful.

The boys were both extremely shocked by their findings and couldn’t believe that Richmond could be in on this whole deal even though it was quite plausible that Colburn was.

Conclusion- 5 important facts with emails

  1. Belachek killed on February 17, never went to Paris for evidence.
  2. stroke recorder was checked before this email account, bad guys hadn’t read these emails.
  3. Colburn and possibly Richmond became suspects.
  4. Bad guys and cops want what the boys have (laptop and info) and would do anything for it
  5. Lubchenko could probably help them out a lot.