The Return

The trio created yet another set of actions for when they would return to Seattle. They would all spend that first night at Evan’s house together, hopefully meaning that they were safer together. The next day, they planned to put the envelope in Belachek’s office as Lubchenko had advised them and let the police find it themselves.
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The plan was already off to a rocky start when Ruben returned to his house and found that his garage had been broken into and the laptop was gone. This piece of information escalated the boys fear to new heights and both were scared Colburn was on their tracks. Evan heard a noise in the front room, but figuring it was simply Ruben joining him as planned he called out to him.

Ruben replied with their previous code from Paris, “Everything is A-ok.” A chill went through Evan’s spine, but he didn’t remember the code until Colburn appeared with a gun on Ruben’s head that accompanied his skin that was as white as a sheet. Evan saw Richmond in a distant entering the house, and he suddenly got very nervous and tried to talk his way out of it by assuring Colburn that they wouldn’t say anything. Suddenly……..


Evan ducked to the ground at the same time Ruben, and Colburn did with blood spurting out everywhere leaving Richmond standing there shaken with his silver gun in hand. The boys soon realized that Colburn was the only one shot as Richmond, still shaking, questioned them on the situation, clearly unaware. Thinking ahead to what the cops would say the two boys decided not to let on that they know a thing and wait to mail the envelope to the FBI. Soon they would have all of the missing pieces and the case would be solved.

The two were questioned unendingly both at the house and at the police station but both pretended to be the stupid teenagers they appeared to be like and not give a hint of any knowledge. After many days of worriment, the news came over the TV assuring everyone that Macalister had not killed Belachek and that very night Evan’s father walked right through the front door. Without disappointing anyone, Mr. Macalister continued her usual routine of asking when dinner was ready. After the response of in about 10 minutes he replied,” Well, then , I think I’d like to take a quick shower.” No homecoming jubilee or celebration, but still what both of them needed, their normal, regular, every day lives back.

“It’s kind of a commonplace thing to say, but it’s also true, so I’ll say it: life can get pretty hard, Evan. It can get pretty hard. We just have to remember to stick together. We have to remember that you and I have to stick together. No matter what. And there’s nothing as important as that. Not MRI, not his house, nothing. We’ve always go tot stick together.”

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When the elephant stool that Evan had previously ordered in with his dad’s credit card arrived, things turned for the worse, at least for Evan. With one quick look at his credit card bill, Mr. Macalister was furious and began his usual yelling charade while Evan sat politely listening. The entire time, Evan didn’t not mutter a word of truth, but simply say Colburn may have done it in his effort to blackmail him. When this didn’t work he decided it would be better for his dad to think he was just a teenage delinquent having fun, then what he really did so his mouth stayed shut, but his pockets flew open in order to pay back all the money used to save his father’s life.