During school Evan got called to the office. The headmaster (Mr. Perkins) said that his father was in jail for stealing millions of dollars and murdering Emil Belachek. Evan almost began laughing at the chance of his controlled father killing the man, but Mr. Richmond came to pick Evan up to see his father in jail, keeping a calm “everything is going to be ok” sort of attitude. Story according to press-

  • Say dad strangled Emil Belachek
  • Police say murder was Friday night and dad was there during that time
  • Dad being held in high-end federal building (the George G. Lewes Federal Building) jail in basement- place was clean but had a lot of guards
  • No bail, afraid he’ll flee
  • Believe he stashed millions of dollars in a secret account
  • Belachek- erratic travel pattern, missing possessions blank spots in Europe where he can’t be accounted for
    1. had secret bank account in Bahamas (10 million)
    2. the money in the account came from MRI (virtual footprints)
    3. Theory: Dad was taking money from company or partner and hiding it. Belachek found out and tried to black mail him (emails showing blackmail)

· Next day paper: Bioterror, Macalister Trafficking Live Strains of Smallpox 1. Next news: frantic e-mails First ones: “Major hot-lab emergency. Leak. Origins unknown.” “Going to Rome. Will report by phone tomorrow.” Day before murder: “I know what you’ve been doing and where your bank account is in the Bahamas. I know you have more- ten times more, I think-although I haven’t located where you’ve stashed that. But I’ll be in Switzerland in a week. If you don’t come up with 10 M, I’m turning you in.” -black mail, weird that began vague then last got specific -Belachek’s LAPTOP MISSING!!!!!! Laptops info would break open case

Though his dad was controlling and yelled more than not, Evan still felt affection for him. After seeing his father in an orange jumpsuit, carrying a pale and confused expression with handcuffs locking his arms in place the tears nearly escaped him. As expected, Mr. Richmond continued babbling his positive comments ensuring that the MRI’s full resources are looking into this unfortunate predicament. Evan however, could barely force himself to utter a word adding, “Yeah we’ll get you out of here.” Dad fulfilling his controlling appearance began reprimanding Evan on his school work referring to a call he received from Evan’s math teacher concerning yet another failed test. Though the surroundings had changed, the two still managed to begin a small quarrel. Regaining composure dad assured Evan that Mrs. Andropolis, their housekeeper was still in charge and would be reporting to him on a regular basis so no monkey business would be allowed. At this, the first meeting at the jailhouse had been adjourned. No visitors were allowed now that this was a huge dangerous case for a few days. After a lot of negotiating with the cops, Evan was allowed to see his father in jail for the second. This meeting began just the way it had ended last time, with a fight. His dad yelled at him for quite some time on the irresponsibility of his actions referring to yet another failed. Evan quickly managed to redirect the conversation to his father’s situation, questioning him on the case. Mr. Macalister tells his son that he believes someone is framing him and nearly begins sprinkling tears at his seemingly helpless position.