Small Pox

In order to better understand the book, the reader must have a little bit of knowledge on the disease Smallpox.

-A hot lab is a place where live strains of smallpox are kept or held

- it can be used as a pretty powerful biological weapon

-BAD-gives really bad rash

-the pox covers the skin, then it ruptures and gets infected (like chicken pox but worse)

-some people die just from the bursting pustules that cover body

-cells are also infected (lungs, liver, spleen) and rip apart the healthy cells, killing them

-it takes 12 days for the virus to grow before someone knows what is happening (Incubation period)

-on day 12, the temperature shoots up between 102-106 and the person begins puking and having painful muscle aches and headaches

-2 days after the fever starts, the rash begins

-there is internal bleeding, from mouth, eyes, and below skin making it a dark red color

-some people die from bleeding

-if a person survives, unlikely, they are left with heart and liver damage, blindness, and scars where rash was

-smallpox spreads through the air (cough, sneeze, breath)

-there are no cures, only vaccines to prevent

-it is a big world threat, the entire world could die off (millions of people)

- today hot labs hold live strains for testing purposes (MRI)