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The setting in, Finding Lubchenko, takes places in many different locations. The following places, MRI, Ruben's garage, and Evan's house all occur in Seattle, Washington. It can be inferred that the story takes place in present times because a character like Evan and his life is similar to a typical teenager and his life today.
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Ruben, Erika, and Evan also take a trip to Paris, France where they visit a variety of different places such as the Ritz and the Crillon hotels where they stay

Macalister- Richmond Industries (MRI)-

-the offices and buildings are pretty big and plush

- 300 people work there

-there's a lot of money coming in

-they own the building and the 20 acres surrounding it

Ruben’s garage

-luxury for the rich and famous

-parents never enter, Ruben’s own space

-kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms

-headquarters for the theft business with Evan

Evan's house

-fairly large, but not a mansion

-fully furnished with British antiques and other valuables

-contains things designed to last or with value