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Do you think that Evan made the right choice in taking his trip to Paris without telling his dad?

I think even made the right choice. He for one needed a chance to escape from all of the chaos that had quickly crept into his life. Paris not only was a way to unwind, but it also gave Evan plenty of time to rethink things in his life and set himself straight again. I also believe it was important for Evan to figure out something on his own for once. Normally he resorts to just letting things go and getting himself in trouble without having to give much thought, as he would have if he had decided to simply turn in the laptop. Evan actually used his very own brain to get his father out of jail which gave him a accomplished feeling and a greater feeling of self-worth.

Why do you think Lubchenko actually helped the kids?

I think that the kids coming to the Paris was convenient for Lubchenko. He for one needed a way to get rid of some pretty nasty people that were blowing things way out of proportion in his new business. When the kids came and created a way for him to do that easily without the hassle of taking it to their faces, he jumped on the opportunity. I don't sincerely think that Lubchenko's goal in having the kids "rat out" Colburn was to help them free his father from jail. That may have seemed like a nice bonus to the positive situation, but would not be enough to risk his cover and potentially get killed for.

Why do you think the boys decided to invite Erika to Paris after previously saying they wanted her to know nothing about it?

Not only did Evan's hormones get in the way, but I think that Erika coming had more benefits than losses in the boy's brains. They felt that she could be trusted to keep the secret since she had been their friend for many years and she could also provide the voice of reason in all of their thinking. Not only would she be able to help them reason with their plans, but also she was fluent in French and their destination was Paris. Evan's crush on Erika probably was one of the biggest reasons because, as he said, it's great to be a hero, but it's even better for a girl to witness it and Erika was just the girl he wanted to have witness his heroic actions.

Do you think Evan's father was right in not giving him anything throughout his life?

His father, being at the age 70, and having lived in a completely different era, should be given some leeway when it comes to raising kids during this time. This being said, I still do not agree with his tough love attitude by not giving his son, Evan, a penny to his name. The tactic does however teach the child to work hard to achieve what he wants, but may also make him feel as though no one loves him and he is in the world on his own, which for a kid is scary. Evan, in this book, transfers these scared feelings into harsh actions of disobedience and creates his very own business that is based on theft. When raising a kid at that age, I think it is important not to spoil, but also to give him some things so that he doesn't have to earn everything on his own: happy medium.