After he reassured that the kids were safe Erika and Evan sat down and the meeting began. Lubchenko requested that Emil Belachek’s laptop be completely destroyed and in return he would provide the necessary information to get his father out of jail. For starters, Colburn killed Belachek because he was onto his work, and he will kill anyone who gets in his path. Lubchenko is playing both sides so Colburn thinks he is helping him, but really just receiving the needed information to stop the program.

“There’s a small ring of people that Colburn is involved with that is selling live strains of the smallpox virus. That’s at the heart of this. The FBI wasn’t wrong about that. The only thing is that your father had nothing to do with it. He was, in fact, framed, as I’m sure you know. But things have spun out of control for Colburn, it seems. Too many people asking question about smallpox. He’s in a mess now. That’s why he was here to see me.”

“The people buying the smallpox strains, are people I’m involved with unfortunately. The organization started with good motives. I am, in fact, one of the people who started it. But now I’m trying to dismantle it. It’s harder than you’d think, however. There’s now lots of money involved. And when there’s lots of money involved, things get fairly difficult.”

“…their problem is greed, and my aim is simply to disrupt this transaction. And do it as discreetly as possible.”

Evan and Erika were given a manila folder with these contents…

        • Several pictures of Colburn with what Lubchenko described as known terrorists. “The FBI will know these people immediately, so don’t worry. But jut in case, I’ve typed their names on the back of the photos.” Pointing to one photo he said, “These men have been arrested by the CIA with strains of smallpox virus that came from your father’s company.”
        • Several records of account transfers from accounts belonging to each of these men into an account belonging to Colburn. The transactions were for eight million dollars. “There are more transactions, more money, but these records will suffice.”
        • A tape with what Lubchenko described as Colburn’s lengthy description of how he killed Belachek and framed my father by planting the phony e-mails and setting gut the fake accounts. “This is the coup de grace, Unassailable. Colburn, you must remember, has no idea that I was working with Belachek. I suggest you listen to this tape if you’d like to understand what kind of man you’re dealing with. Colburn is normally fairly tight-lipped. But I needed him to assure me that he had taken care of everything properly. I am an important client of his.”
        • Receipts of transfers from an account belonging to Colburn and the account in my father’s name- the account that he apparently set up to prove that my father was embezzling money. There were no names on the receipts, just numbers. But Lubchenko said that knowing the account numbers belonged to Colburn would allow the FBI to create a pretty solid paper trail.

Reasons for helping them

It’s debatable, but probably because he needed to end this dangerous program in the quickest, easiest way possible. Also, Colburn had been “shrill” lately and Lubchenko wanted to get rid of him for that reason. Finally, there may have been a part of him that felt bad about there being a man in jail unjustly for the crime of another.