Evan Macalister-Protagonist

Evan Macalister, the protagonist, is a 16 year old junior attending Pencrest Academy private school. He is one of those kids that always seems to be in trouble even if it is nothing mean or rude. Along with his trouble making ways, Evan is very easily distracted and at times dreamy, especially when it comes to his true love Erika. Most of his actions are done out of greed, self-preservation, or laziness, however he is brave and calm in times when it is most important. According to his father, Mr. Macalister, "He can never keep his smart mouth shut." He does everything with his two best friends, Ruben and Erika, which he has known for six years.
He also thinks very highly of himself which is showed in these quotes and many others throughout the book.
-“I was just charming, funny, and a joy to be around.”(79)
-"I was a poor kid trapped in the surroundings of great wealth and opulence.”
-“with a few MTV stylists he might even have been able to look as good as someone like, say, me.”
Mr. Macalister
Mr. Macalister grew up in Minnesota and attended medical school there, graduating first in his class. He is a workaholic and control freak in Evan's eyes and is interested in cancer and cancer curing drugs. Began the company MRI and after a little time hit the jackpot when creating a wonder drug for cancer, instantly becoming rich. He married Mrs. Macalister, but ironically she died of cancer at a fairly young age. Mr. Macalister is mostly bald at the ripe age of 70 with a big white mustache, and enormous feet. He is pretty tall and in fairly good shape despite his age, seeming how he can still catch Evan when he runs away. His one real flaw is yelling. In Evan's eyes, he never stops and is one of those guys who is an angry yeller and you never want to see mad.
Jim Richmond
Jim Richmond is Mr. Macalister's business partner at the MRI, being the business man in duo, though he is still smart. He was born wealthy and is relaxed, cool, and acts young for his age. He appears to be in his late fifties with sandy brown hair, dark brown eyes, a slick smile, and is tall and athletic. Jim is a doctor who specializes in rare disease, working with vaccinations for smallpox. He does a lot of high-level, top-secret government work and for his own protection carries a gun.
Rick Colburn
Rick Colburn is Mr. Richmond's assistant for protection and is a security chief. He used to be a special operations guy in the army and also did his time in the CIA. Mr. Colburn is one of those guys who never smiles and wears a stiff trench coat. He is in charge of security guards, high-end surveillance equipment, and looking at strategies for safe transportation of smallpox vials at the MRI.
Ruben is Evan's best friend and partner in the theft business. He does the tough work by figuring out how to adjust inventory manifest, get rid of serial numbers, and how to fake identity with computer passwords. Embracing his identity as a computer nerd, Ruben attends an open-minded, free thinking private school called Holland Cline. He is scrawny, but not as weak as he pretends, being an inch shorter than Evan with healthy-looking, wavy dark hair, a friendly smile, and warm brown eyes. He is not always calm in scary situations, but is loyal and kindhearted. Showing his personality Ruben said, "I’d almost prefer a conviction to a B.”
Erika with her almost white hair, blue eyes, and nice body makes Evan fall completely in love with her. She has a warm smile and is anything but a snob. Erika also attends Holland Cline with Ruben and is extremely sharp.
Mrs. Andropolis
Mrs. Andropolis is the Macalister's housekeeper at 65 years old. She is somewhat pretty for being that age, active, and very kindhearted. She is one of the only people in the world who stands up to Mr. Macalister and take's Evan's side in things, seeing no wrong in him. Mrs. Andropolis has her own quarters at the Macalister house, but usually stays at her apartment in downtown Seattle. She is a proud, soap-opera-watching Greek who is always there when Evan needs her.
Emil Belachek
Emil Belachek was the man found strangled in his office, killed at the MRI. He was an ex-CIA guy working with NATO and Eastern European countries. Belachek aids governments with plans to deal with potential biological terrorist attacks and some security procedures for MRI.